Community Impact Statement

Harrisburg Academy is a regional resource in Central Pennsylvania that has a positive impact on the educational quality and economic vitality of the greater Harrisburg Area.  We are proud to be a private school that operates with a public purpose -- to connect to and to serve families in our community. 

Research has shown that the more good educational choices in a community, the more attractive it is to employees and businesses.  From partnering with local areas businesses to providing opportunities for our students to serve our greater community, the Academy takes its role as a community resource seriously.  Interested in engaging with our community partners off-site?  Visit our Community Happenings electronic community bulletin board for up-to-date opportunities.

One important way in which the Academy partners with the community is by providing access to high-quality offerings to all area students, not just those enrolled at the school.  Each year, families throughout the community rave about the Academy's college free fair, the largest in the area, and the school's summer programming.


Harrisburg's Only Independent School,
Serving Students Preschool - 12th Grade.

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