Academy Student IB Results

With the success of the Class of 2015, Harrisburg Academy students have earned 55 IB Diplomas in the last seven years!  Looking longer-term, our IB graduates continue to succeed in college and beyond.  Here are some of the more notable IB Diploma statistics from our students (representing those who pursued the IB Diploma and passed):


The Academy's IB Graduates:
By the Numbers

Representing survey responses (February 2014) from Academy IB graduates currently attending college or recently graduated.  Click here to download the full IB Diploma graduate report, demonstrating the proven return on investment for Academy families.


100% of our survey respondents...

  • Still attend or graduated from the colleges at which they originally enrolled
  • Who have already graduated from college finished with a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Held leadership roles in their college communities before graduating from college
  • Are on-track to graduate or have already graduated from college on-time or early

Starting as a College Sophomore...

  • One out of every six respondents received advanced sopmore status because of having an IB Diploma.
  • Having the IB Diploma saved these students a full year of college tuition, essentially reimbursing them for 75 percent of their Academy Upper School tuition payment!

Average IB Grade of Students - Class of 2015

Harrisburg Academy - 4.72  /  Worldwide - 4.59

  • Harrisburg Academy IB Diploma recipients earned seven scores of six or seven on individual subject tests. 
  • All seven Academy IB Diploma recipients earned at least two scores of five or higher on individual subjects, with a grand total of 22 scores of five.
  • The highest grade possible for each subject test is seven; scoring a five is comparable to scoring a four on AP exams; scoring a six or seven is rare.

Average IB Points Score - Class of 2015

Harrisburg Academy – 31.37  /  Worldwide - 29.88

  • Total points possible is 45.
  • The Academy’s pass rate continues to be on par with the worldwide average pass rate according to data from the most recent IB annual review and IB Diploma Statistical Bulletin.

Individual Merit - Class of 2015

  • Class valedictorian Ilija Marchenka '15 earned an Individual Points Score of 37 (out of 45).  Based on the test session preceding our May 2015 recipients’ session (May 2014), the score of 37 places Ilija in the top one-fifth of all IB Diploma recipients worldwide. Read more about Ilija...

Click to read our official press release on our students' 2015 IB Diploma success.


IB Scholars Showcase

Our past IB Scholarship recipients have returned to the Academy with amazing stories to share about their learning adventures, all made possible through the Academy's unique opportunity.  Click to read more about each IB Scholarship recipient. Interested in learning more about the IB Scholarship for Summer Study?  Click here.





IB scholar, Nick S. '13


"The end of any good liberal arts education is to teach students how to think and how to write clearly — those are the hallmarks of an educated person. I am very grateful for the IB program in general and our Theory of Knowledge class for giving me a solid foundation on which to build those skills."

David Black '09

Bennington College (Highly Competitive)

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