College and University Recognition

Colleges and universities, worldwide, recognize the value of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.  Many of these schools offer scholarships and other incentives to students entering with an IB Diploma or record of coursework -- some even allowing students to start college with sophomore status!


According to International Baccalaureate, 2,047 universities across the world offer special consideration to IB students.  Be sure to take the time to visit the websites of your own schools of interest to see how they reward students who pursue this ambitious program; and most importantly, be sure to learn more about the specific return on investment Academy IB Diploma graduates have experienced as a result of achieving an IB Diploma.


College ROI for Academy IB Students

Peter S. '13 /  Tufts University (Most Competitive)

*Started with sophomore status and saved $48,000


Eli B. '11 /  University of Rochester (Most Competitive)

*Received an International Baccalaureate College Scholarship, totaling $44,000 over four years


Sophie S. '10 /  Franklin & Marshall College (Most Competitive)

*Started with sophomore status and saved $47,000


Says Sophie:  "Based on my IB Score, I have earned a year's worth of credits.  IB has made possible either my graduating one year earlier (perhaps to start law school or med school early) or my following of interesting classes instead of just those that are required."


Alex W. '10 / Juniata College (Highly Competitive)

*Completed her education in three years because she received sophomore status -- a savings of $40,000


Andrea D. '13 / Juniata College (Highly Competitive)

*Started with sophomore status and saved $40,000


Alex H. '10 / Bennington College (Highly Competitive)

*Received a merit scholarship


Says Kim VanAlkamede, Alex's mother:  "The admissions counselor said they see a strong link between students with IB and success at Bennington.  I think the value of the IB Diploma was reflected in the merit scholarship.  I cnosider the IB Program at Harrisburg Academy altogether a wonderful investment that has paid off in more ways than I imagined it would."


Angela P. '10 / University of Pittsburgh (Highly Competitive)

*Received credit for three courses: English, History, and Math







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