Moving Forward As A Family

Moving Forward As A Family

A Total Education

Builds individual CHARACTER.
Creates an unmatched EXPERIENCE.
Produces exceptional OUTCOMES.

For our students, we do it all. Because it means everything.


Higher Education StatsWe believe that a top-level school must provide a total education. Our approach yields results: Our student test scores are the highest in the Capital region and 100 percent of our students go on to higher education.

Yet our stellar reputation is built not just on numbers, but in the hearts and minds of those who have experienced this education up close — and know why it matters.


What's the Total Cost of This Education?

Behind each of our precious students is a family who appreciates the value of the distinctive experience Harrisburg Academy provides. They commit and sacrifice to make this education possible for their child. However, tuition only covers part of the costs.


Tuition Chart


Investing Wisely... and Building Momentum

We’re investing in the daily experience for each of our students. Some of the achievements and progress we can already report includes:


  • We’ve met our enrollment goal for this year and student retention is UP.
  • We’re making important quality hires such as the new head of Early Childhood and Lower School (the Academy’s early education division and elementary school).
  • We’ve expanded schedule options for our Early Childhood program. Our award-winning early education program — Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten — includes full-day and full-year schedule options staffed by Academy teachers. This expansion provides an unparalleled educational experience at a price comparable to the best child care centers in the area.
  • We’ve increased emphasis on social/emotional safety in Middle School. Bullying becomes a true issue during these years, and we’re actively working to provide a sense of support and community to this age of students and their families.
  • We’re expanding our outward approach in Upper School (the Academy’s high school) by preparing our students for real world experiences through our Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation. Over the past year, we’ve reshaped our weekly schedule to bring more opportunities for students into the regular school day. And the reception has been positive!

Talking As We Move Forward

Our students and their families are all part of the Harrisburg Academy family. We want to give them the best educational experience and see each individual child make great strides academically, emotionally, and socially. We recognize that we make this happen not just by investing in the right programs and teachers but also with the support of our students’ parents and caregivers.

So as we plan for the future, we pledge open dialogue with our Harrisburg Academy family. We’ll keep them updated on what’s happening. And we encourage all members of the Academy family to provide us with ongoing input as we make decisions that impact our community. 


Tell Us What The Academy Means To You

What's Your Story?

How has Harrisburg Academy impacted your life or that of your child? Tell us and we’ll share with the community stories of the value a Harrisburg Academy total education delivers.


Harrisburg Academy provides a personalized learning journey that is unmatched in the region. We thrive because as a small school community, we take action to support our students and programs. Won’t you join us?


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