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Mrs. Jennifer Klemunes

Jen KlemunesMS Science and Math Teacher


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Master's degree in biology from Shippensburg University (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania)

Bachelor's degree in biology from Hamilton College (Clinton, New York)

The Biggest Advantage to Teaching at an Independent School:

The students are intelligent thinkers who enjoy studying the topics we cover in the curriculum.  Small class sizes allow us to do frequent lab activities to gain a deeper understanding of science as a process.  We are able to go beyond rote memorization of facts and apply our knowledge to real-world problems.

Why I Love Harrisburg Academy:

I love teaching!  (As do my peers; I am in good company. And the students love learning.)  I like being a part of a globally minded community that values education.

A Memorable Moment at the Academy:

Baking chocolate brownies in the kitchen as a culminating part of a math project during which students had used mathematical operations with fractions to adjust the recipe to feed the entire Middle School.

My Favorite Book:
"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio.  I just read it this summer and am so excited to have this common read with the 5th graders to discuss in advisory periods this year.  The struggles Auggie went through with having a disfigured face really emphasized how people can judge others for appearance.  I think this read will provide great food for discussion this year.

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