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Alumni of the Year

Presented by the Board of Trustees to an alumnus or alumna in recognition of professional achievements or distinguished community service


Rabbi Neil Zuckerman '85: 2019 Recipient

Rabbi Neil Zuckerman '85, Alumnus of the YearHarrisburg Academy was pleased to welcome the 2019 Alumnus of the Year, Rabbi Neil Zuckerman '85, as the Commencement speaker at the Academy’s Class of 2019 graduation ceremony on Friday, May 31.  Zuckerman was nominated for the 2019 Alumnus of the Year Award by the Executive Alumni Board, the leadership group of our Academy alumni.


Rabbi Zuckerman currently serves at Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City.

“Neil Zuckerman epitomizes our Academy alumni. Success, goodwill, and dedication to others,” said Jim Newman, head of school.  “Neil’s commitment to the betterment of our world has led him to a position that enables him daily to deepen the knowledge, self-understanding, and compassion of others.”

Zuckerman attended Harrisburg Academy from Kindergarten through 12th grade. During his Upper School years, he was involved in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. “I made great friends there,” said Zuckerman. “After all these years, you keep these friendships – you cannot make old friends.” Beyond extra-curricular activities, Zuckerman said the sacred nature of the teacher/student relationship is something that defined his Academy experience.

“The Academy a place that is very important to me and an institution that I respect. Indirectly, the education I received there, in content and style, had a big influence on how I live my life and the career I chose. It’s a school that is steeped in tradition and longevity. The opportunity to come back to be honored and share some life wisdom is a significant honor and something I am deeply proud of.”

After his years at Harrisburg Academy, Zuckerman studied at the University of Maryland, earning a B.A. in English. He went on to receive a master’s in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He was ordained a rabbi in 1999.  In addition to his rabbinical duties at Park Avenue Synagogue, Zuckerman oversees pastoral care and leads adult learning programs for people who are interested in learning more in depth about Judaism. Zuckerman was named a Rabbinic fellow with the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem in the Center for Rabbinic Enrichment (CRE). This exceptional opportunity has allowed for him to build relationships with colleagues across religious movements. CRE is a three-year program of study for rabbis of all denominations from North America, involving weekly classes via videoconference and bi-annual study seminars in Israel. Additionally, Zuckerman served as president of the Westchester County Board of Rabbis and chairman of the Israel Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly.


Zuckerman resides in New York City with his four children. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and hiking with his dogs.


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