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Character FlagsThroughout the long history of Harrisburg Academy, students have learned that it is as important to develop a strong character as it is to be academically successful and physically fit. This hasn’t happened by accident. The best private schools and independent schools, such as the Academy, have long known that character matters. For decades, Academy teachers have mentored students to show that a strong character can make a tangible difference in the success and happiness enjoyed in life, as well as the contributions made to the common good of our society.

In the spring of 2012, students, teachers, and administrators embarked on an effort to identify the 15 character traits they thought were most important to learn and emulate. What resulted from that process was our “character flags.” Created by Tina Phillips, one of the Academy’s art teachers, our character flags hang prominently in McCormick Auditorium and, at other times, in our classrooms. The flags have become not only a visual reminder of the character traits we hold so dear, but they have also become another vehicle for educating our students.  Most of the flags depict folktales and images from literature and social culture from around the world.  This is important to Harrisburg Academy, particularly given the cultural diversity of our school community, our commitment to a liberal arts program of study, and our status as an International Baccalaureate World School.
The next time you visit the Academy, we hope you will stop into McCormick Auditorium and spend time looking more closely at our flags.  For more information about each flag and the grade to which it is attributed, please click the image.  To read more about this project and how we are integrating the flags into our life at school, please read the Fall / Winter 2013 NewsMagazine.  Click here to read more about each flag online.


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