An Introduction

Politics, economics, culture, technology, and so much more are changing at ever-increasing rates.  Educators must be certain their students possess the skills and personal attributes necessary to succeed and thrive in the dynamic times ahead.


Harrisburg Academy is eager and able to meet these challenges.  Our students will be taught by highly trained teachers, guided by professional staff, and supported by their peers and parents.  All stakeholders in our school community -- students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff members, and trustees -- have an important role to play.  Building and maintaining a supportive community is essential as we aid students along their personal learning journeys.


Many of the most effective teaching methods are time-tested and have changed very little from the days of Socrates.  However, we understand that to maximize students' potential as learners and citizen-scholars, we must continue to adopt and adapt the best teaching practices.  Student-centered learning moves beyond the memorization of facts for a test and challenges students to solve problems in groups or individually with creativity and analytical precision.


Today's technology puts vast amounts of information at our fingertips, but knowledge and understanding are created by active and nimble minds that can think across the boundaries of academic disciplines.  For students to be most successful, they must be curious.  Our goal is to develop lifelong learners whose open minds are prepared to learn independently, cooperate in groups, and persevere when challenges arise.  The Academy's focus on character development and self-directed learning will empower our students to enter college and the workforce as valuable members of society.  They will be able to respect differences, disagree in a civil manner, be generous with their time and resources, and be thankful for the opportunities they are given and responsible when they are called on to serve.


None of this will come easily.  All of us must engage in this process.  We need to reach out to community partners to help when needed and ask for assistance in creating the best school possible for our students.  We also need to learn from our alumni, parents, and friends.  We need to introduce Harrisburg Academy to friends and colleagues who are looking for an excellence educational experience for their children.  And we need to raise funds and invest them wisely to attract and retain excellent teachers and to maintain and build green, sustainable facilities that meet the demands of a 21st century education.


Whether it is how our students learn, what they achieve, or the integrity and character they demonstrate, Academy students succeed now.  It is for these reasons we believe the Academy provides an advantage to its students.  Our new strategic plan, Growing the Academy Advantage, builds on these current "advantages" and provides direction for the next three years to ensure the future success of our students and our school.


When John Harris, Jr. founded Harrisburg Academy 230 years ago, he had a vision that would empower young students in a new nation and provide them with an exceptional education.  That vision has not altered despite the momentous changes that have occurred since 1784.  Your involvement in our remarkable school community will help us continue the dream of our frontier founder and provide today's Academy students with an unparalleled opportunity for the future.  We invite you to join us now in our venture.


To implement Growing the Academy Advantage we will:

  • Provide our students with the most effective outcomes-based academic and social learning experiences possible

  • Develop the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation to become an active source for learning opportunities that complement and enhance traditional learning experiences provided by the Academy's strong International Baccalaureate core curriculum

  • Provide students with a global understanding that will enrich their learning and prepare them for success in a rapidly integrating and competitive world

  • Complete the first set of interior renovations and new facilities as described in the Bold Ambition comprehensive campaign to best support the academic program

  • Add $1.5 million in new and pledged gifts to the Academy's endowment

  • Continue to market the character-building, learning experiences, and student outcomes (C.E.O.) achieved at the Academy as the primary reasons for the "Academy Advantage" and define this advantage as our value proposition

  • Increase participation at all levels and by all constituencies within the Academy community to create a stronger, more vibrant, and increasingly successful school

  • Establish and maintain sustainable enrollment that is stable across all grade levels and divisions

  • Raise awareness of Harrisburg Academy by operating as a private school with a public purpose and by demonstrating the value of an Academy education

  • Ensure the sustainable financial health of Harrisburg Academy and provide facilities that will contribute to the educational experience of our students and foster innovation throughout our school community

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