Community Engagement


We will increase participation at all levels and by all constituencies within the Academy community to create a stronger, more vibrant, and increasingly successful school.



The Academy is a community of learners bonded by our common support for the Mission and Core Values of our school.  Students, teachers, staff, parents, trustees, alumni, and friends comprise our community.  Support for high-quality teaching and learning by an engaged community is a hallmark of successful independent school communities.


Our Beliefs

  • Strong working relationships among students, parents, alumni, staff members, trustees, and the greater Harrisburg community are vitally important to achieving our mission.

  • Creating connections with our families and with the greater Harrisburg community enriches and improves the learning environment and student learning outcomes.

  • The Academy strives to be a community leader in "green" initiatives and environmental sustainability.


  • Build connections within and across the curriculum and Academy stakeholders -- by department, grade, and division -- to maximize the learning experience and outcomes of each student.

  • Increase the community's sense of school pride through attendance at events, internal activities (such as drama, music, and sporting events), and external partnership.

  • Foster meaningful discussions between parents, faculty, staff, and alumni.

  • Draw on the Community Compact so all stakeholders can become more effective partners in the success of our students.

  • Actively support the Parents Association and its efforts to engage parents and students through on- and off-campus activities.

  • Examine the most efficient use of resources and improve campus recycling efforts.

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