Enrollment and Marketing


We will establish and maintain sustainable enrollment that is stable across all grade levels and divisions.



Dependable enrollment is required to offer the most rigorous and comprehensive academic and co-curricular programming for our students.  Retention of current students and recruitment of qualified, new students is paramount to meeting our future enrollment goals.


Our Beliefs

  • We are committed to sustaining high academic standards and being the educational leader and innovator in Central Pennsylvania.

  • A focus on C.E.O., or the character development of our students, experiential education, and learning outcomes, is at the core of our strategic efforts to differentiate Harrisburg Academy from other schools.

  • We are committed to continuing an emphasis on access and affordability, and instituting additional curricular and co-curricular programs in accordance with our Mission and Core Values.

  • Harrisburg Academy is configured to succeed with two classes per grade.  Our physical plant, master facilities plan, and human resources allow teaching and learning at the Academy to thrive in this configuration.

  • An enrollment model that supports more than 36 students per class in the Upper School is ideal for the Academy.


  • Engage our school community to annually retain 90 percent of all enrolled students by 2015-16.

  • Consistently communicate student learning outcomes at all division levels, and to alumni, to demonstrate the value of an Academy education.

  • Investigate incentive programs to increase retention and recruiting, including our sibling discount and merit scholarship programs.

  • Consider modifications to Early Childhood division schedules and offerings to increase value in the local educational marketplace.Continue to sharpen the branding of the Academy with a multiple media strategy.

  • Showcase successful, well-rounded students and alumni for marketing messages that highlight the value of an Academy education.

  • Differentiate our school by marketing the Academy as a global school with a global perspective and world-class IB Program and unique opportunities for IB-related summer study.

  • Invest in long-term marketing efforts and measure their impact over time.  Collect institutional data for comparative analysis and marketing.

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