Excellence in Teaching and Learning


We will provide our students with the most effective outcomes-based academic and social learning experiences possible.



Harrisburg Academy offers an excellent, rigorous, and challenging college preparatory academic program in an environment that supports the "whole child", fosters a joy of learning, and results in meaningful learning outcomes and students who model the Academy's 15 character traits.  Academy teachers embrace highly effective teaching practices to best meet the needs of each student.


Our Beliefs

  • Character, experience, and outcomes (C.E.O.) are the central foci for creating a student-centered learning environment that maximizes the potential of all students and asks them to take increasing amounts of responsibility for their learning.

  • Experiential learning, especially when initiated by students, maximizes the development of essential skills and leads to successful learning outcomes, joyful learning, and a desire to discover, experiment, and innovate.

  • Excellent teachers, armed with the proper technology and employing the tenets of Responsive Classroom® and the productive learning and social development which it fosters, are essential for maintaining a rigorous and engaging academic program that exceeds curricular standards of our commonwealth and nation.

  • Information technology makes information easily accessible, but we must teach students how to critically evaluate information and use it effectively.

  • Admission to a highly selective college, one that represents the best fit for each student, derives from excellent education, hands-on and long-term advising, and students in possession of a clear sense of self achievement through self-inquiry.

  • It is essential to continue to assess our beliefs about excellence in teaching and learning in the face of challenges from market pressures and new systems for the delivery of education.


  • Focus on observable and measurable student outcomes in an environment that provides support for students' social, emotional, and academic needs.

  • Plan by understanding the importance of the character of our students, their learning experience and outcomes, and the college counseling program.

  • Build on the existing strengths of the Academy's use of information technology to benefit the learning outcomes of our students.

  • Actively review curriculum and instructional practices to ensure the global competitiveness and multidisciplinary nature of the preschool through 12th grade academic program.

  • Further develop the Academy's Center for Experiential Learning & Innovation, intramural and interscholastic sports, club activities, and other opportunities for experiential learning across all divisions.

  • Assess and strengthen our faculty and staff to ensure they meet our ambitious standards, help them reach their professional and personal goals, and allocate the necessary time and resources so that they can employ innovative teaching techniques.

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