Harrisburg Academy offers an academically challenging and globally minded interdisciplinary education.  In our commitment to excellence, we provide tools, develop character, and teach skills that prepare students to thrive in college and beyond, thereby contributing to the betterment of our global and local communities.


Core Values

  • We set the standard for academic excellence in Southcentral Pennsylvania by nurturing students' and teachers' curiosity and love of learning, using the most proven teaching methods and technologies, and providing opportunities for professional development for our faculty and staff.

  • We foster creative and critical thinking, global awareness, and leadership to prepare students for lifelong learning and success.

  • We promote positive character development that values diversity, respect, mutual support, integrity, a strong sense of self-worth, and hard work.

  • We aspire to know our students as individuals and to provide a community in which they can reach their full potential while feeling safe as they grow intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

  • We recognize that to create the enriching and supportive environment needed to achieve our mission, we must partner with students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff members, trustees, and the greater Harrisburg community.

Harrisburg's Only Independent School,
Serving Students Preschool - 12th Grade.

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