We will raise awareness of Harrisburg Academy by operating as a private school with a public purpose and by demonstrating the value of an Academy education.



The value of an Academy education is best realized through the success of its students and graduates.  Providing opportunities for students to engage as community volunteers and participate as event competitors will connect our school to the greater Harrisburg area.


Our Beliefs

  • Schools are transformative institutions that measure their success, in large part, by the extent to which their graduates contribute positively to the world.

  • Students learn from putting their ideas into action and becoming engaged as local and global citizens.  Independent schools that act with a public purpose give students confidence and direction to engage.

  • Showcasing the Academy as a community resource will elevate our profile as a valued member of our local and global community.

  • Character is tied directly to our school's Core Values and student character, in turn, is fostered through our commitment to community service.

  • Mentoring our students will enable them to take ownership of their own service learning.


  • Include Academy students of all ages in collaborative and philanthropic projects outside of the classroom walls.

  • Develop strong support within the Academy community for the mission and goals of our Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation.

  • Promote our strong programming (e.g. arts, athletics, service) by getting our students out and engaged in the community.

  • Leverage the relationships and expertise of our Community Advisory Board (CAB) to determine how we best serve our families and reach others interested in a high-quality independent school setting.

Harrisburg's Only Independent School,
Serving Students Preschool - 12th Grade.

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