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We are so proud of our hardworking, talented students and our role in their success!  At Harrisburg Academy, our small school setting allows a personal focus for each student during his or her learning journey – whether 3 or 13 years old.  The personalization of each student’s education is an advantage for student, teacher, and parents alike, and the benefits are seen not only in standardized test scores – like the ACT and SAT – but also in each student’s individual learning outcomes – including creative thinking, time management, and research and writing skills.

There is a reason why the Academy is considered, by many, to be the best private school in Central Pennsylvania.  Our school is not organized on the economic efficiencies of large public schools but rather on the basis of best learning practices.  Individual student outcomes are achieved through classroom experiences and character building – not through standardized test scores.  These achievements are partially to the credit of the Academy's learning partnership between students, parents, and their teachers.  With this solid relationship triangle in place to support each student, nothing is out of reach!






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