International Student Tuition

Harrisburg Academy enrolls a diverse and talented student body to the benefit of all in our school community.  Tuition to attend our top-20 high school in Pennsylvania is competitive in comparision to larger metropolitan schools within our region.  For information about the Academy's current international student tuition, please see below.  Interested in learning more about the steps to becoming a Harrisburg Academy student?  Please click for full information about the international student admission process


Application Fee

There is a one-time application fee of $150 per student, due with the online application.


Enrollment Deposit

First-year international students are required to pay a $4,000 registration fee along with the $1,000 enrollment deposit.  The registration fee will decrease by $1,000 each year an international student returns to the Academy.  This fee includes some ESL instruction, as well as homestay program oversight and social events, and a full week of orientation prior to the first day of school.  Payment of the registration fee and enrollment deposit must be made before an I-20 is issued.  International students receiving merit scholarships may request a decrease of the registration fee.


2019-20 International Student Tuition

International student tuition for the 2019-20 academic year is $24,400.


Tuition Includes

  • ESL instruction (see ESL policy; link)
  • Book rental and laboratory fees
  • College advisement and college essay assistance
  • Monthly social events
  • Tuition DOES NOT include medical insurance or homestay fees

Optional Fees

  • Transportation Fee: $1,500 one-way busing from Carlisle or Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The transportation fee is for students who are not in a school district that provides transportation and would prefer either of these locations for daily transportation to school.

Questions about tuition or the process?  Please contact the Admission Office.

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