Student Ambassador Profile:
Parker N. '19 and Alexa N.'21


(pictured on right)


Parker N. '19 and Alexa N. '21 - Student AmbassadorsWhat do you bring to the role of being a Student Ambassador?
I provide a different viewpoint to the Academy because I am (relatively) new to the institution and its environment.  I have more to compare it to because I've been to other schools with different teaching methods and philosophies, both in and out of state.


How do you think the culture at Harrisburg Academy differs from other schools?
It's a more intellectually accepting culture where learning and thinking are encouraged by teachers and peers, alike.  Students here actually recognize the value of what is being taught to them, and it's a very intellectually active environment.


How are you involved in the Academy community?
Inside of school, I am part of the Prom Committee, Quiz Bowl, and Tennis Team.  Outside of school, I am very interested in creative writing, the social sciences, and religious studies.  Theory of Knowledge is a required class; I have always appreciated how TOK is offered, as I am very interested in philosophy.



(pictured on left)


What do you bring to the role of being a Student Ambassador?
I know how much this school can make a difference to someone.  Plus, I entered the school as a middle schooler and know what it's like to join, and try to become a member of this small, welcoming community.  I want to be a friendly face!  New students need someone who doesn't come on too strong or too little, and has good communication and people skills.


What do you see as the strengths of Harrisburg Academy?
The teachers are always willing to help, and due to the small classes, it is much easier to make a personal connection with each teacher.  Another strength of the Academy is how many opportunities the students are given.  In the academic, athletic, and art/music departments of the school, students are given opportunities that expands a student's definition of education.


What are some of your best memories/experiences at Harrisburg Academy?
Some of my favorite memories from the Academy include the 8th grade New Orleans trip to the World War II History Museum, National History Day, Community Service days, countless hilarious memories with the cast and crew of the Upper School musicals, and spending time at practices and games with the soccer and basketball teams.

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