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Student Alumni Network

The Student Alumni Network (SAN) was founded in 2014 by two chief student officers: alumna Hannah Roberts '16, and Amelia N. ’17.  More recently, Jaclyn T. '18  and Charlotte N. '19 have joined the group.  The SAN’s mission is to create meaningful connections between Harrisburg Academy’s students and alumni, aspiring to provide students with mentors and opportunities through this network. 


Students gain valuable communication skills by learning to properly communicate their ideas in a friendly environment.  Our Upper School students reap the benefits of having an extensive alumni body, ranging from freshman in college to business CEOs; furthermore, alumni provide exposure to applicable knowledge in a career and experiences outside of education.  Through the SAN, alumni also have the chance to give back in a meaningful way and reconnect with their alma mater. 


The chief student officers play a vital role in support of the Executive Alumni Board’s mission.  These student leaders have a finger on the pulse of the Upper School and understand how to integrate relevant alumni value among their classmates.  They are responsible for creating a cultural change within the student body.  Part of their focus is to develop programs that integrate alumni in a relevant manner and provide value to their audience.  These programs focus on cultivating the student body to understand, accept, practice, and appreciate philanthropy.


Student Alumni Network Interactions

Lunch N’ Learns
Alumni present to students at school during a short session over the lunch hour.  They discuss their career paths and the actions that led to their success.  From these events, we hope the students who attend will gain applicable knowledge, possible interest in a certain career, and an understanding of the transitions between education and occupation.


Alumni Fair
Much like a college fair, the Alumni Fair allows a group of graduates the opportunity to provide information about their careers.  We hope students will be able to build connections and gain opportunities from this experience.

With an alumni body ranging from college freshmen to high-level executives, our students are able to connect with an alumnus or alumna who will be able to guide them through their academic and professional matriculations.  Alumni provide exposure to applicable experiences and knowledge in areas such as higher education, science and technology, the fine arts, and business.




Chief Student Officer

Jaclyn T. '18

Chief Student Officer

Charlotte N. '19

Chief Student Officer

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