Fast Track Featured Alumni

Thomas Faerch


Thomas Faerch '90

Partner and Attorney

at NORDIA Law Firm;

and founder of Gefion Group

Copenhagen, Denmark


Ben Abrams


Ben Abrams '92

President at Consolidated

Scrap Resources, Inc.

Harrisburg, Pa.



Gene Kim


Gene Kim '92, Esq.

Vice President at



New York, N.Y.


Zach Scheiner


Dr. Zach Scheiner '93

Science Officer at

California Institute for

Regenerative Medicine

San Fransisco, Calif.


James Adams


James Adams '95, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

at a private trust

company, N.A.; Author

Lancaster, Pa.


Kristina Pinto


Dr. Kristina Pinto '95

Director at Fishing Partnership

Support Services;

Running Coach; Author

Burlington, Mass.


Alex Kaplan


Alex Kaplan '97

Vice President of

Global Partnerships

at Swiss Re Group

Washington, D.C.


Desiree Cooper


Desiree Cooper '96

Project Manager at

Little Diversified

Architectural Consulting

Arlington, Va.


Ethan Titelman


Ethan Titelman '97

Vice President of Media

and Entertainment at

Penn Schoen Berland

Los Angeles, Calif.



Sarah Longwell


Sarah Longwell '98

Senior Vice President

at Berman and Company

Washington, D.C.



Farah Majid


Farah Majid '01

Global Trade Compliance

Specialist II at Xilinx, Inc.

San Jose, Calif.



Rebecca Szymczak


Rebecca Szymczak '01

Designer; Owner


New York, N.Y.



Daniel Hawkins


Daniel Hawkins '03

Cellist, Composer,

and Educator

Philadelphia, Pa.



Michael Chernicoff


Michael Chernicoff '05

Ph.D. Candidate

at Boston University

Boston, Mass.



Maria Persico


Maria Persico '05

Advisory Senior

Associate at


Atlanta, Ga.


Samantha Zuckerman


Dr. Samantha

Zuckerman '05

Resident at the Hospital

of the Univ. of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pa.


Devin Dadigan


 Devin Dadigan '06

Corporate Cash

Manager at Deutsche Bank

New York, N.Y.



Annie Stone


Annie Stone '06

Editor at

Harlequin Teen

New York, N.Y.



Sarah Walborn


Sarah Walborn '06

Professional Ballet Dancer

for Kansas City Ballet

Kansas City, Mo.



Adam Chernicoff


Adam Chernicoff '10

Advance Associate

for the White House

Washington, D.C.





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