The Fast Track:
20 of Harrisburg Academy's Fastest-Rising Young Alumni

Harrisburg Academy graduates measure success in many different ways. 


Some see it as rising quickly to the top of their chosen field.  Others find it deeply satisfying to work quietly for an important cause.  Still others find success in creative expression.  A few find their way to careers that are truly unique.


Academy alumni share a common background of self-discovery and challenges not only met, but surpassed due to the many advantages of an Academy education.  They all have experienced the benefits of a small school community that embraces the liberal arts and nurtures the “whole child” along his or her education journey.  Our graduates’ backgrounds and chosen life paths may be extraordinarily different, yet our school is the unifying place at which they all laid the first bricks of their lives’ foundations, where their passions were ignited, and where their future dreams were born. 


Our school helped them build confidence and character, and guided them to the next step — a step they did not merely accept, but actively sought through wisdom and understanding that comes from years of guided mentoring.  And now, several years later, each Academy alumnus and alumna is making a unique, definitive mark across the country and the world.


“The Fast Track” is a special feature — the first of its kind in Academy NewsMagazine history — showcasing a large group of successful young alumni at one time.  It’s easy to tell the story of our more established graduates because quite simply, they’ve been at it longer.  But we felt it was important to showcase the group that is just now starting to launch their careers and lives, because their success stories are nothing short of amazing.  Accordingly, we asked for your nominations of alumni in their 20s and 30s who had interesting stories to share.  The Fast Track is the result of this collaborative effort, and it is a group that we all should be proud to recognize as part of our greater Academy community.


It is also important to note that this list is not exclusive.  Academy alumni everywhere, not just those featured on these pages, are contributing to the betterment of their global and local communities.  This smaller sub-set is but a representation of a much larger, powerful group.  We encourage all alumni to be in touch with our Alumni Relations Office about their own success, for we cannot share your story if we are not aware of your story!


And without further ado, we present The Fast Track.

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