William Murray Graydon: Helping Build the Academy's Foundation

For 235 years, Harrisburg Academy has been an institution proud to graduate individuals who are innovative and passionate in their fields of influence.  The alumni network at the Academy is strong and varied, leading to further educational opportunities for many of our current students.  However, those alumni who are overlooked, often times due to lesser standards or record-keeping in the past, are those who graduated in the very early years of the school.  Those whose impact, nonetheless, helped build the school we know today.


One such alumnus is William Murray Graydon, who attended the Academy in the late 1870s and early 1880s (his exact graduation date is unknown).  Graydon’s name is found among those of Seiler and McCormick, names we know well today because of their influence on daily life at the Academy (the Seiler Award is presented to the student in each Upper School grade who has shown consistent effort and worked toward a high level of academic achievement; and McCormick Auditorium is, of course, where we all gather for Academy celebrations and traditions that are most important to us).  And although Graydon’s name isn’t as commonplace in our daily life, he did make a name for himself outside the Academy’s walls, even while he was still a student here.


Read more about Graydon's accomplishments and influence in the Fall/Winter 2015 NewsMagazine.  Also, as his work is now public domain, read one of Graydon's stories, "Rafting Down the Susquehanna," presumably based on his own adventures in Central Pennsylvania.

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