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 Sept. 2, 2015

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Dear Friends,

June 30, 2015, represented the official end of Harrisburg Academy's 2014-15 fiscal year.  By many measures, it was a year unlike any other in the Academy alumni community's history.  The collective impact of this group has been seen in increased giving, volunteering, and attendance at on-campus events.


For those of you sports fans, you're well-acquainted with the concept of halftime - that brief lull in the action when a team can pause for a moment, review its performance, and identify the best ways in which to leverage its players' strengths in a game plan.


In some ways, this summer was our halftime. We have much to celebrate from the 2014-15 academic year.  We have grown our total contributions by 25 percent from the previous year, we've increased our donor base by 33 percent, and our alumni participation in the Student Alumni Network has been truly impressive for the first year of operation.

Halftime is about looking back, but it's more about looking forward.  Our momentum is undeniable, yet we have a long way to go.  Progress toward our ambitious goal will be claimed in pieces large and small.  The important thing is, we're moving forward together and rallying for the win.




Michael LaRue '02

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
(717) 763-7811 Ext. 397


Alumni Relations Mission Statement

Harrisburg Academy's Alumni Relations program works to extend the advantages of an Academy education beyond graduation day.  We are committed to expanding our global network of alumni, enriching Academy alumni relationships, and galvanizing the philanthropic support of current and future alumni for the school's mission and operations.


Harrisburg Academy Alumni Statement of Purpose

We, the alumni of Harrisburg Academy, are a diverse and global group of graduates committed to supporting the advancement of each other and welfare of our school.  By tapping into this robust and dynamic network, we continue to find value within the Academy community and add value to the purpose of the school - the education of its current students.  Our Alumni Relations program acts as a vital link to assist in making these connections and raising funds to ensure the financial sustainability of Harrisburg Academy. 


Our culture is founded in an unwavering dedication to the mission of Harrisburg Academy and the benefits created from personal integrity, perpetual learning, and philanthropy.  As the Academy's alumni, we are partners of our alma mater with a responsibility to "protect our heritage" and "serve well this school," both now and in the future.


Alumni Weekend 2015: Register Now!



Get your friends together, bring the family, and come to enjoy a wonderful time.  Register online and start getting excited! 


We will also be welcoming back a number of former faculty members during Alumni Weekend -- Lee March, Steve Stewart, Hans Koster, Ralph Gillette, and Randy and Cindy St. John will be in attendance.


Questions?  Please contact Michael LaRue.


Look Who Is Participating in the Alumni Fair!

Through the efforts and hard work of the Student Alumni Network, we are pleased to announce the following alumni who are returning to campus during Alumni Weekend.  These alumni will speak about their careers with current students and young alumni in a professional networking forum.  The following are the alumni who will be attending and the professions that will be represented:


Congratulations, Alumni Awards Recipients!

We received many great nominations from the alumni community for this year's Alumni Achievement Awards and Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; thank you all for showing your support for your fellow alumni.  The Executive Alumni Board has reviewed all the nominations and selected to award the following alumni for their achievements -- Daniel Shanken '89Marylea Madiman '99Elaine Rogers '71Ethan Titelman '97Alicia Dissinger '04, and Shannon Walborn '08.  Click here for more about each recipient and the award he or she will receive.


The 2015 ceremony will be held on Friday, Oct. 2, 1:20-2:50 p.m. in McCormick Auditorium as part of the Academy's Alumni Weekend 2015.  Click here to register for the weekend


Spartan Spirit Blog

Learning How to Walk Tall 101

by Michael LaRue '02, assistant director of alumni relations

In the classroom, time flies faster than you can imagine.  You learn the power of language, the thrill of scientific discovery, and the wisdom of historic events.  You learn expression through art, how to arm your brain through TOK, and how emotion is conveyed through words.  You have built the foundation that will aid you in your future endeavors, beginning with the first hesitant step you take on your way to college.  Read more...


Bold Ambition: The Campaign for Harrisburg Academy

Another renovation success, and we are so pleased!


This summer, we planned to complete part one of the Performing Arts Phase of capital renovations made possible by generous contributions of alumni, alumni parents, and current parents to the Bold Ambition campaign.  The scope of the work included creation of a welcoming and warm entrance to the area adjacent to McCormick Auditorium, and renovations to the hallway leading to the eventual site of a new 3,200 square foot music suite.  The work went right down to the deadline; the construction team finished the last items on the punch list just hours before last week's Back-to-School Nights.


Our new McCormick Auditorium Commons is light and bright, and our students love it.  Next in line is construction of the music suite, followed by renovation to our Middle and Upper School hallways, including new lighting and flooring, and the installation of new lockers.

When you return for Alumni Weekend, I think you'll be pleased with what you see.  Our Bold Ambition campaign continues to roll along.  I encourage you to catch our bold spirit!


Please Update Your Contact Information

To best serve our entire group of alumni, it is important that the Academy maintains regular contact with its members.  These connections allow us to facilitate so many positive things -- such as alumni/current student engagement, global alumni-to-alumni networking opportunities, and the general support and celebration of the entire Academy family with its members' individual success.


Accurate data is important in accomplishing these things and more.  Please take a few minutes to submit your contact information to stay informed of what is happening at the Academy and to reap the benefits of this valuable work.


In addition, if anyone has communicated with the following alumni, please contact  Michael LaRue to help update our records and put us in contact with them.


Mark Crispen '77

Florence Fralish '77

Lynne Kile '77

Kenneth Muldrow '77


Questions?  Please contact Michael LaRue.


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