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2018 Update from School Leadership



The Harrisburg Area's Only IB World School 

Jan. 25, 2018

Dear Academy Families and Friends,


Now is the time when Boards of Trustees presidents and heads of independent schools are jointly crafting new-year letters.  And we're all asking ourselves the same questions about the identities and vision of our schools for the future. 


Who is Harrisburg Academy today?

Harrisburg Academy is a unique school community.  It has a proven record of instilling a sense of integrity in our students, creating educational experiences that sharpen their foundational skills and "deep thinking," and producing outcomes that reflect their talents and commitment. 


Our faculty and staff are fully committed to your students, to the mission and core values of the Academy, and to partnering with you.  The Academy is also a safe community.  We intend to know your students well, provide them with a sense of security, and challenge them while still nurturing them.  Our Board of Trustees has a deep appreciation for our school community and is focused on the Academy's strategic priorities.  We are all committed to the success of your children. 


Now is a dynamic time for independent schools, and we know the future will be the same.  Our Board of Trustees and administration continuously work together to consider the best strategic options for the Academy community -- everything from establishing policies that reinforce the mission and core values of our school, institutional organization, and tuition pricing, to new options for revenue enhancement.  Now is a time for creativity and innovation, and we're ready to act in the best interest of the Academy. 


What can you look forward to in 2018?

  • Expansion of the Early Childhood (EC) Division (2018-19) - We will roll out our Core & Explore program in EC with more schedule and programming options.  We recognize the demand for excellent early education coupled with the convenience of reliable, year-round care (that includes before- and after-care in addition to the regular school day) and are excited to meet this need under a single, competitive tuition rate.
  • Free EDP for Early Childhood and Lower School (LS) Divisions (2018-19) - Students in these divisions whose families choose to enroll them in our after-school program will no longer pay for this service, as it will be covered through tuition.
  • Tuition Freeze in Lower School, Middle School (MS), and Upper School (US) - We are freezing tuition rates for LS, MS, and US for students who are re-enrolled on time for the 2018-19 academic year.
  • Continuation of the Longevity Discount (2018-19) - We are continuing our popular Longevity Discount for rising 9th grade students.  Information regarding this opportunity will be sent to all Middle School families by Jessica Warren in the next few weeks. 

How do we know our perceived identity is accurate?

Our teachers and staff listen to what you say -- whether at our annual Connection Meetings, personal parent-teacher conversations, parent forums, Parents Association meetings or surveys.  Independent external reviews also validate what we hear.  We're proud that in 2018, Harrisburg Academy was named the 18th best private K-12 school in Pennsylvania and the 13th best college prep private high school in Pennsylvania by Niche (a feedback website that tabulates rankings, reviews, and statistics on 250,000 U.S. colleges, K-12 schools, and places to live).


What can you do for the future success of your student and Harrisburg Academy?

One can't succeed without the other.  Listen to what your student tells you about his or her experiences; then communicate what you've heard to us -- whether it's positive or negative.  It's how our mutual partnership grows.  A strong home and school partnership invariably benefits your student.  What are some other ways you can partner with us?

  • Re-enroll on time - Tuition dollars drive our operating budget.  By reenrolling your student on time, the Academy is better able to plan for the coming year's programming and staffing needs.
  • Engage with us - Independent school communities are rooted in a spirit of "all-in."  We are fortunate that many parents volunteer their time and talent at Harrisburg Academy - THANK YOU!  Contact our Parents Association leadership and fulfill your New Year's resolution to volunteer!  Or perhaps, plan to get your family involved with Feed the Need and make an impact in our global and local communities.
  • Support you school - Did you know that tuition revenue covers only approximately 80 percent of the Academy's total operating costs?  Raising non-tuition revenue is vitally important to fill this gap.
  • Be an ambassador for the Academy - Share your passion for our school and your positive experiences with your friends!  Encourage them to contact our Admission Office.  We appreciate all referrals and recognize this as the single best way to identify new students who would be a great fit for our community. 
  • Continue the conversation - Mark your calendars for two parent forums: Early Childhood and Lower School parents, Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m.; Middle and Upper School parents, Wednesday, March 14, at 7 p.m.  We want your feedback.

We are grateful for the benefits of Harrisburg Academy, but we must not take them for granted.  Much is required for independent schools to be successful.  Be actively involved, support the Academy, and join us on our path to making the Academy ever better for our students in the future!



With warm regards,



Jim Newman                                        Keith Clark

Head of School                                     President, Board of Trustees