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Safety and Emergency Preparation at School

Harrisburg Academy believes in the importance of taking proactive measures to keep students, faculty, visitors, and others within the school building safe on a daily basis and during an emergency situation.  These actions come in several forms:


Campus and Building Security

  • A video surveillance system monitors and records activity at the four major entrances of our campus, the front parking lot, the back parking lot, and both the Early Childhood and Lower School playgrounds.  Parking in the fire lane is prohibited.
  • External doors are locked.  Parents and other visitors seeking entrance during the school day must identify themselves through the intercom at the building’s main entrance. They must then sign in at the front desk immediately.
  • School entrances are monitored during morning drop-off and after-school pick-up by school personnel.
  • Employees are required to wear photo identification badges.  Visitors to the building, including parents, are required to wear badges identifying them as being visitors.
  • Employees have passed three state- and federally mandated background checks: FBI criminal history record check, Pennsylvania State Police criminal record check, and Pennsylvania child abuse clearance check.  In addition, all employees are required to take a three-hour mandated reporter training course which much be repeated every five years.

Emergency Response Drills and Procedures

  • Harrisburg Academy recognizes, as research shows, practicing specific procedures will help adults and children react appropriately during an actual crisis.  By practicing for these possible scenarios, our community is able to minimize the hesitation, panic, and resulting chaos that can happen during actual crisis, which, in turn, minimizes the possibility of injury or trauma. 
  • The Academy conducts at least one monthly emergency drill during the academic year.  The first drill of the year is announced in advance to give everyone a chance to review the procedure before the drill, experience the drill, and then review how well it went.  After this initial drill has occurred, all subsequent drills are unannounced, scheduled on different days of the week and taking place at different times of the day.  We also practice drills after school hours so that coaches, team members, after-school supervisors and staff, club members and activity participants, and maintenance staff have the chance to participate. 
  • The Academy has protocols in place that support the health and safety of visitors in the building as crisis drills are performed or in the case of a real crisis.
  • Several faculty, staff, and administrators serve on the Academy’s safety committee.  This group reviews policies and drills on an annual basis.  The safety committee also works with the East Pennsboro Township Police Department chief to help guide policy according to best practice.
  • Our response during an emergency is based on the type of situation that occurs and is generally one of the following:

Staying in Place:  Used to keep occupants safe while remaining indoors
Lockdown:  Used to secure the occupants in the building
Evacuation:  Used when occupying a building is no longer safe
Reverse Evacuation:  Used when outside conditions are no longer safe


Communication, Health, and Personal Safety for Students

  • In order to keep our community informed in a crisis situation, Harrisburg Academy uses School Messenger, an emergency alert system.  Parents and anyone on record as a student emergency contact will be notified — via home phone, cell phone, text message, and/or email — in the case of an emergency during the school day.  The Academy tests this system annually in the fall.
  • The school nurse mandates and monitors compliance with state and federal health guidelines such as immunizations, physicals, and dental care.
  • Health-related notifications concerning illnesses such as influenza, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and strep throat are sent to families whose children may have been exposed to help them in monitoring their children and minimizing those affected. 
  • School policies govern the time a student exhibiting signs of illness, specifically, elevated temperature and vomiting, must remain at home.  For the health of our entire community, students with these symptoms are not permitted to return to school until they have been symptom-free for 24 hours. 
  • Faculty monitor weather conditions and make appropriate decisions concerning outdoor activities in regards to both inclement weather conditions and air quality.
  • The location of student field trips and other travel opportunities is shared with parents and guardians only via secured, internal media.
  • Student full names are not used in our electronic media, only first name and last initial.

Harrisburg Academy remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of all members of our school community.  We consistently review and amend our emergency procedures as suggested or determined by our local emergency responders such as the police, firefighters, Homeland Security, and other health and safety officials.

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