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Health-Related Forms

Emergency Medical Information forms should be updated as phone numbers and health concerns change, and to include several emergency contacts. If your student needs a medication at school other than those listed on the emergency form, a medication permission form must be completed by both the primary care provider and parent. This includes over-the-counter as well as prescription medications. Students are only allowed to carry medications if the provider specifies this in writing. It is advised that Upper and Middle School students have paperwork on file to carry their medications on sports and field trips, in which students are often away from teachers. New medication paperwork with both signatures (and specific written instructions from the provider to carry, if appropriate) is required at the start of each school year.


Pennsylvania requires exams at certain grade levels.  Physical and dental exams may be completed based on any exam done within the previous year, so if your student is in a grade in which these exams are required, please take forms to the approriate medical visit.


Students also need exams to participate in school sports. Special sports physical forms must be completed within a certain time frame before the sport. It is wise to make copies of forms for your records before turning them in to the school.


Immunization Requirements

Students entering Kindergarten must have two MMR and Varicella vaccines, and a fourth Tetanus booster after 4 years of age. Please check with your health care provider to ensure compliance before the start of the new academic year.


Communicable Diseases

If your student is diagnosed with a communicable disease, such as strep throat or conjunctivitis (pink eye), please inform the nurse directly. This allows us to monitor the severity of such outbreaks and to advise other parents of concerns in a confidential matter, if warranted.






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