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Student Support

At Harrisburg Academy, we know that the best educational environment is one in which individuals feel safe and supported – socially, emotionally, and physically  and we are committed to ensuring this type of environment for our students.  The Academy approaches student support as a team effort across all divisions.

In Lower School, the classroom teacher is primarily responsible for both the academic and social needs of students.  Using the Responsive Classroom® model and the services of the school counselors, teachers foster social and emotional development by integrating social lessons into the academic curriculum and by setting aside time during the class day to address issues that may arise.  Middle School teachers use the strategies of Developmental Designs, a teaching philosophy that stresses cooperative learning skills, to address the unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of young adolescents.

In the Middle and Upper Schools, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who serves as mentor and advocate for the student during their Academy experience.  The faculty advisor is the first point of contact with a parent if an issue arises.  The Academy also has a designated school counselor, Courtney Hart, who is responsible for the social and emotional support services provided by the Academy.  Students may seek assistance (self-referral) or be referred to the school counselor by a peer, parent, or faculty member.


Academic Support and Enrichment

The Academy recognizes that its academic expectations can be especially challenging for some students as they progress through the program.  Accordingly, the school has two employees on staff who focus on supporting students in this capacity.


Our director of academic support and enrichment, Sheri Biller, organizes the services provided by the Capitol Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU), which provides academic support to those who qualify according to Pennsylvania Act 89.  These services can include remedial reading, remedial math, and speech therapy for students enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Click to read the Academy’s official academic support policy.


The Academy's academic support and enrichment teacher provides support for students seeking improvement in certain curricular areas, including reading, language acquisition, and problem solving.  Research shows that even the most capable students in independent schools often struggle wtih some aspect of their learning, especially those who enter a rigorous educational environment at a young age.  In addition, giving these students more short-term support is often the most successful method in addressing their learning needs.  This teacher also works with classroom teachers to provide enrichment to all students in their classrooms.



Our school counselor is the primary coordinator of the social and emotional support services provided by the Academy. Students may seek assistance (self-referral) or be referred to the school counselor by a peer, a parent or a faculty member.




Courtney Hart
Courtney Hart
School Counselor
717-763-7811 x1200


Sheri Biller
Sheri Biller
Director of Academic Support and Enrichment

Ms. Rosemarie Anderson

Rosemarie Anderson

Academic Support and Enrichment Teacher
717-763-7811 x1399

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