"Seniors Helping Seniors" Project

While COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming more available, many still face difficulties in finding appointments. As part of the Academy’s “Seniors Helping Seniors” project, the school would like to share with the entire Academy community some ways members of our school community are working to help those in need of vaccinations. With the support of Dr. Andrea Tan and Dr. Irina Sachelarie, we have Seniors who are willing to work with individuals who would like to be vaccinated yet have been unable to find appointments, and they have already had success finding vaccination appointments for those who need them! If you know someone who needs assistance with this process, you can reach out to these seniors, niles.a@hbgacademy.org and bandi.p@hbgacademy.org. When doing so, please be sure to have the following information to help with the appointment process:
  • Full Name & Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address & Email Address
  • Cell phone number
  • Insurance name and number
  • Diseases which qualify someone in 1a (especially important for those under the age of 65)
Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Andrea Tan, the Academy can also help people with accessing a local clinic to receive vaccinations. This medical office is one of 300 official Covid-19 vaccine sites selected by the state. The office will call directly with an appointment for the vaccine which may be during the week and also includes weekend availability.  As part of this process, we are asking anyone who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine (those above the age of 65 will be given initial preference) and would be interested in being vaccinated to fill out this Google form. This information will be shared with the clinic, and the clinic will contact people directly. 
For both of these options, we ask those in our school community to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. who are currently qualified to be vaccinated yet have not been able to make an appointment. We see this project as helping our local, regional, and state community, and we want to cast as wide a net as possible with these efforts. 
Please email Ben Murphy at murphy.b@harrisburgacademy.org if you need further information. Thank you for supporting the health of our greater community.