Harrisburg Academy high school students enrolled in Upper School benefit from an English curriculum designed to develop confident writers and critical readers. Students use writing as both a form of expression and as a means of imaginatively and critically exploring works of fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction essays from many of the most noteworthy writers of the past centuries, to today’s current authors.


By writing frequently, students refine their skills over time, graduating with the ability to write logical arguments, complex literary analyses, creative works, and produce higher level research. Students use technology to enhance and complement their efforts. Harrisburg Academy’s English Department faculty follows a guided-study philosophy, challenging students to participate actively in class discussions, and encouraging self-reflection.


History / Social Studies

Harrisburg Academy's history curriculum focuses on helping students articulate their individual responses to four primary essential questions: 1) Why is it important to be globally aware?; 2) How does learning history cultivate a greater self-understanding?; 3) What is it about our American system of political and social democracy that makes it unique in today’s world?; and 4) How are religions both unifying and divisive?

In the process of learning to answer these questions, students as “historians-in-training” traverse the history of ancient Rome and Greece, the great Asian and Islamic dynasties, and medieval and Renaissance Europe, as well as the post-Enlightenment societies of western Europe and the Americas from the 18th century to the present.  The history department faculty employ a process of guided study that incorporates multiple teaching strategies and learning experiences to help students to articulate thoughtful answers, supported by careful use of historical evidence, to these four essential questions.  At the conclusion of their experiences with the Academy’s history curriculum, students will be able to answer these questions and will have gained the analytical, evaluative and research skills critical to any future study and understanding of American and world history.

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