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Harrisburg Academy's mathematics department faculty members are committed to developing, strengthening, and guiding our students to attain and maintain high standards of computation skills and analytical thinking through all levels of math courses.  In addition, we recognize and accept the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and implement them where it is appropriate in the curriculum. 

Starting in elementary school, the Academy's Lower School students develop number sense and computational skills, as well as algebra readiness and spatial sense.  In Middle School, math classes expand the use of math in real-world, problem-solving situations.  The high school (Upper School) math curriculum provides a sound basis for college math by developing and emphasizing analytical thinking skills, as well as encouraging an appreciation for the structure of mathematics and how to demonstrate valid logic.  Assignments which reinforce problem-solving skills and demonstrate an understanding of key concepts are essential to the International Baccalaureate curriculum.


Although there are many different skills and concepts learned in the course of the mathematics program, there are universal questions that apply to the full breadth of the curriculum. What can we do because we know math? What couldn’t we do if we didn’t know math? Are patterns important in the world today?  When can math be used to model or represent a situation? What makes an answer the “best” answer and is the result reasonable? When there are many ways to solve a problem, how do we identify the best way to solve?


At all levels of development, the math faculty reinforces that there may be many ways to solve the same problem. Students learn to analyze various mathematical situations, choose the most appropriate methods for solving those problems, and justify that the process and solution make sense. In an effort to reduce math anxiety and frustrations, students learn that not having the answer immediately is acceptable. 

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