something more. something different.

What do Harrisburg Academy students experience in their core subjects and beyond?  Something more and something different. The tangible and intangible experiences of Academy students far exceed those of their public-school peers.

For example, since 2008, Harrisburg Academy has been running a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) computing program that allows Middle and Upper School students effortless access to research and electronic resources to complement their coursework using the computer of their choice.  The Academy’s elementary school students, 1st through 4th grade, have physical education every day, in addition to teacher-supervised outdoor recess (weather-permitting). All students in Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in art, computer, and music classes.  Academy students receive foreign language instruction each year beginning in preschool, Junior Kindergarten specifically.  At the Academy, more than 70 percent of all Middle and Upper School (high school) students participate in at least one sport, thanks, in part, to our “no-cut” policy.  After the completion of high school, some students continue participating at college at the NCAA level and with club sports.

Harrisburg Academy’s academic curriculum encourages the arts, languages, and physical activity rather than cutting programs sometimes viewed as “expendable” because they don’t readily support standardized test score results. Our students learn about and live in a diverse community with an eye towards what it means to be a responsible global and local citizen. Our students score higher on standardized tests, even though no class time is allotted to “teaching to the test” or test preparation.  We also offer many options at school such as music lessons, sports, clubs, and social activities to further the education and development of the "whole" child.

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