Physical Education and Health Class


The Physical Education program at Harrisburg Academy is designed to promote and refine movement skills in a cooperative environment, setting students up for a lifetime of of physical fitness.  Early Childhood students (Preschool through Kindergarten) have class every other day, while elementary school students (1st through 4th grade) have class every day.  At this age, students focus on developing fine movement skills and learning and implementing safety rules and procedures, all while developing successful interpersonal communication.  Students at this age also begin to acquire specialized skills relative to certain movements and sports, and begin to implement them with a partner.


In Middle School, students have class approximately every other day, continuing to refine basic movement and motor skills learned in elementary school and learning to manipulate those skills in more dynamic and complex situations.  Students will also begin to hear teacher feedback, learning to interpret feedback and improve skills according to formal measures of physical fitness.  In addition, classes will highlight activity- and sport-specific practices and rules, which lead into an appreciation and understanding of lifetime sports activities focused on at the high-school level in Upper School.


The Academy's co-curricular athletics program is a natural progression for students who excel in physical education and health skills.  Students continue to learn sport-specific rules taught in a classroom setting, but can implement those character traits fostered through teamwork, including sportsmanship, integrity, and a sense of fairness and respect.  The Academy's student-athletes benefit from a no-cut program, working toward a common goal and learning to appreciate a sense of team achievement.


Health Class

Beginning in Lower School, the Academy's elementary school, health is highlighted as an element of students' regular physical education classes as they explore physical activity for enjoyment and health-related fitness.  Students also begin to associate different types of physical activity with their related fitness components.  As students matriculate into Middle School and Upper School, they participate in a designated health class which covers various topics including good health habits, stress management, nutrition, and drug and alcohol abuse.  Students focus on and take stock of their personal health habits and learn about community well-being, becoming more aware of the needs of our greater school and Harrisburg community.

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