Computer Science and Technology
at the Academy

The Information Technology Services Office is committed to providing students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, with direct access to state-of-the-art classroom technology and encouraging students to efficiently incorporate technology into their daily lives at school.  From the integration of personal student technology to the inclusion of SMARTBoards in 100 percent of Academy classrooms, the school is on the forefront of technology innovation in Central Pennsylvania schools.


BYOD @ HA: 5th-12th Grade

Harrisburg Academy pioneered and achieved great success with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, being one of the first schools in the area to implement the program (in August 2011).  Middle and high school students in 5th through 12th grade are required to bring their own device – laptops, netbooks, or tablets are all effective options – to school every day.  Students find having high-speed wireless internet on their personal laptops convenient, and the faculty appreciates that access to technology not only allows them more flexibility in the classroom, but encourages students to be well-organized, responsible, and efficient.  Computer science classes and integration in Middle School increases students’ technology understanding and proficiency through student projects and presentations that showcase technology skills.  Click to read more about BYOD program guidelines.


Technology for our Younger Grades: K-4th Grade

At the Academy, computer science instruction begins in Kindergarten, when elementary school-aged students expand on concepts being taught in class by learning to use and navigate basic computer programs.  Early Childhood (preschool) and Lower School students also encounter technology in active lab-science experiences, which are designed to motivate and increase student interest and ability in, not only science, but technology concepts.  Lower School has a dedicated technology teacher and all classrooms have at least two dedicated netbooks and laptops.


The Center for Technology & Entrepreneurship

Upper School students have access to the Center for Technology & Entrepreneurship, which, as part of the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation, is focused on co-curricular and hands-on, student-driven learning opportunities.  This Center offers the Technology Student Association (TSA), which provides a platform for technology competitions, and the Robotics Club, which highlights student achievements in technology and invention. 


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