2017 Summer Assignments and Supply Lists

Please find below a list of summer assignments and back-to-school supplies for Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students.  Please contact your division head (Kevin Muirhead, EC/LS; John Binnert, MS/US) if you have questions about summer assignments.


Lower School

1st Grade:  Summer Reading

2nd Grade:  Summer Reading

3rd Grade: Summer Reading

4th Grade: Summer Reading


Middle School 

5th Grade:

English - "Matilda" and "Wonder"

Math - 5th Grade Summer Workbook Order Form - Optional


6th Grade:

English - "Wake Up Missing"

Math - 6th Grade Summer Workbook Order Form - Optional


7th Grade: 

English - "The Night Gardener"


8th Grade: 

English - "Letters from a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs"


Upper School 

All Upper School:

Summer reading selections

Summer history reading - CANCELLED
Guidelines for text rendering


9th Grade:

English - "Roald Dahl"


10th Grade:

English - "Great American Short Stories"


11th Grade:

IB English HL - Year 1 - "Dubliners"

IB English SL - Year 1 - "In Cold Blood"


12th Grade:

IB English HL, Year 2 - "Huckleberry Finn"
IB English SL, Year 2 - "In Cold Blood"


Back-to-School Supplies

5th and 6th grade

7th and 8th grade


Upper School:

Students in any Upper School math course must have access to a graphic display calculator (GDC).  The department recommends the TI-84+, either the CE or silver edition.


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