Strategic Plan

Harrisburg Academy's three-year strategic plan, Growing the Academy Advantage, was launched in 2014 as a way to guide the new age of decision-making at Harrisburg Academy.  Completing additional phases of our facilities master plan is but one part of our new strategic plan.  This latest blueprint for the future is the Academy's fifth consecutive strategic plan, and it demonstrates the kind of steady leadership and future vision that the Academy's Board of Trustees has capably provided to our school community during the last 20 years.  Growing the Academy Advantage will do just that -- it will enable us to enhance our students' learning, growth, and understanding of character.  This new plan was crafted with careful consideration to our past and our future, and with input from parents, staff, alumni, and trustees.  Explore the fruits of our labor, Growing the Academy Advantage.


The new plan, which will guide the school in its work through 2016, is based on the following six pillars, all of which can be further explored in a downloadable pdf copy of Growing the Academy Advantage or here on our website.


The Six Pillars of the Plan

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning: We will provide our students with the most effective outcomes-based academic and social learning experiences possible.
  • Global Understanding: We will provide our students with a global understanding that will enrich their learning and prepare them for success in a rapidly integrating and competitive world.
  • Community Engagement: We will increase participation at all levels and by all constituencies within the Academy community to create a stronger, more vibrant, and increasingly successful school.
  • Enrollment and Marketing: We will establish and maintain sustainable enrollment that is stable across all grade levels and divisions.
  • Outreach: We will raise awareness of Harrisburg Academy by operating as a private school with a public purpose and by demonstrating the value of an Academy education.
  • Financial Sustainability: We will ensure sustainable financial health of Harrisburg Academy and provide facilities that will contribute to the educational experience of our students and foster innovation throughout our school community.

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