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Mark Parsells '78: Join Me in Bold Ambition

Dear fellow alumni and friends,

Mark Parsells '78We, the alumni of Harrisburg Academy, continue to successfully assume greater responsibility for sustaining our beloved alma mater.  The Academy’s students, faculty, and administrators are the collective heartbeat of the school today; it is our duty to help it stay healthy and strong!

When I attended Harrisburg Academy, I loved singing this line from the alma mater: “All those who enter here, will with open minds sincere, blend loyalty into its past and future dreams.  “I was a 13-year-student at the Academy, starting in Kindergarten and graduating in 1978.  Like most alumni with whom I have spoken, the Academy was a significant influence in shaping who I am today.  The academics, arts programs, and athletics — as well as the student government leadership opportunities — provided me with a unique and valuable experience.  We were taught how to learn and lead.

As loyal alumni who have been shaped by the Academy, we now have a great opportunity to support its current plan for the future.  I invite you to join me in supporting that plan. 

I am proud to support Harrisburg Academy and its Bold Ambition campaign.  The pages of this website provide an overview of the campaign and outline the Academy’s aspiration to continue providing exceptional academics and experiential learning opportunities.  I encourage you to read them in more detail.  When you hear of the Academy’s plans for the future, I believe that, you, too, will want to become part of this exciting endeavor.

You have been part of the Academy’s past.  Our great school will continue inspiring students in the future with your support.  Thanks for your consideration.

Best regards,

Signature of Mark Parsells
Mark Parsells ’78
Trustee of the Board

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