Bold Ambition Campaign

A Solid Foundation:

Because Bold Ambition has allowed Annie to pursue her passion for books and make it her career

Annie Stone '06When Annie Stone ’06 was in 2nd grade she read “The Black Stallion,” and it changed her life — she decided she wanted to be either a horse jockey or a book editor.  She chose the latter and never looked back.  As early as 4th grade, she was challenged to stretch her writing skills and editing skills.  “My teachers encouraged me to think beyond my personal experiences, to imagine myself as a Native American or a child growing up in the Colonial Period, and to write a journal from that viewpoint.  I loved that the Academy established the importance of writing personal pieces instead of focusing only on critical writing.”

As Annie progressed through the Middle and Upper Schools, she realized that writing was a true passion and a field in which she’d pursue a career.  She went on to Harvard University where she majored in comparative literature, a highly self-directed program that gave her access to individual faculty members and tutors — an experience that gave her the skills she needed to follow her dreams of an editing career in New York City.

During her junior and senior years at Harvard she was able to intern with three different publishing houses.  These internships provided her with the network to get her first real job in books — picture books editorial assistant at HarperCollins in New York, the company that published such favorites as “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Goodnight Moon.”

Annie recently moved into a new position as an associate editor at Harlequin Teen.  She has always loved books for this age group, so it was the perfect job opportunity.  Everything has come full circle, as she’s finding the talent and publishing the books that once captivated her as a young adult.  “It’s incredible to think that the fairy-tale retelling I just acquired, for example, could be the spark that inspires the next young reader to become a writer or editor.”

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