Bold Ambition Campaign

Re-Thinking Education:

Because Bold Ambition allows our faculty to create transformative opportunities for their students — inside and outside of the classroom

The landscape of American education is changing.  Leading educational expert, Sir Ken Robinson, argues that it’s about creating a movement in education in which students develop their own solutions, with external support based on a personalized curriculum.  Harrisburg Academy has recognized this sea change and has responded by creating the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation.

The Centers are about students getting their hands dirty, asking tough questions, working on long-term projects, finding their passion, and discovering what drives them.  The program is made up of five academic centers that are directed by a faculty member.


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The Centers provide customized individual learning opportunities that complement the Academy’s traditional liberal arts core and International Baccalaureate curriculum.  Most importantly, they provide structure for real-world opportunities; students are able to participate in both in-school and off-campus experiences in a variety of locations — in Central Pennsylvania or around the world.

Today, school is becoming more standardized — at Harrisburg Academy, we believe in reaching out to the individual, and that with the proper mentorship and guidance, students are able to find their passions, write their own story, and cultivate their diverse talents to be successful when they go out into the world.

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