Early Childhood Open House

Join us for our Early Childhood Open House! A hands-on showcase of our Early Childhood learning experience, this event allows parents to explore the classrooms and meet the teachers, while learning about the dynamic EC curriculum at Harrisburg Academy.

March 11, 2020 at 9:00 am

Contact the Admission Office at 717-763-7811 or admission@harrisburgacademy.org with questions.





Upcoming Events

Harrisburg Academy's faculty and Admission Office team love welcoming prospective students and their families on-campus to experience the energy and excitement of our school. The admission process should be engaging and intriguing, and we welcome your questions, understanding full well that choosing the right education for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent. We can’t wait to connect with you at one — or many — of our diverse range of visit opportunities.


"Experience the Academy" Admission Event Series

This series of admission events showcase the Academy’s Preschool-to-12th-grade community connections and our student “products” (writing, artwork, performance, presentation skills, etc.). ETA events feature the Academy's marquis internal programming with the addition of a short admission (30 minutes) component for visitors before the event starts.  Attendance at one Experience the Academy or Open Door series event is highly encouraged as part of the admission process.  Full families, both parents/guardians and children, are welcome to attend together!  Stay tuned for events in the fall!



Admission Testing and Play Dates

In addition to welcoming your family on-campus to learn more about our school at an Experience the Academy or Open Door admission event, we also require additional assessment and submitted documentation to move the admission process forward.  Upon our receipt of your child’s application for admission and his/her teacher evaluation form(s), all future students are scheduled for an admission assessment by appointment (Early Childhood - must attend an Admission Play Date; Lower School, Middle School and Upper School - must attend for a full school day to shadow a current student in class and complete benchmark testing to determine a child's readiness to join our program).


Click to learn more about our application process and get started.


Please contact the Admission Office for upcoming Early Childhood Admission Play Dates. 


"Open Door" Admission Event Series

This series of admission events is a small-session, division-specific, experiential open houses. Held primarily during the school day, prospective families can see the school (students and teachers) in action while participating in engaging discussions and presentations with our faculty.  For example, experience a violin demonstration from our fine and performing arts department chair, Michael Gamon and hear why we believe in the value of providing a strings program for all JK and Kindergarten students.  Attendance at one Experience the Academy or Open Door series event is highly encouraged as part of the admission process.  Both parents/guardians and children are welcome to attend!  Stay tuned for events this fall!

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