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  • Photo of Adrian Allan

    Adrian Allan 

    Head of School
    717-763-7811 x1312
  • Photo of David Bechtel

    David Bechtel 

    Director of Admission
    717-763-7811 x1379
  • Photo of Robert Bell

    Robert Bell Jr. 

    Director of Technology
    717-763-7811 x1328
  • Photo of Lindsay Bowman

    Lindsay Bowman 

    Head of Middle and Upper Schools
    717-763-7811 x1319
  • Photo of Ashley Crist

    Ashley Crist 

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    717-763-7811 x1393
  • Photo of Courtney Hart

    Courtney Hart 

    Dean of Student Life
    717-763-7811 x1200
  • Photo of Siena McLees

    Siena McLees 

    Director of Development & Alumni Relations
  • Photo of Sarah Oatney-Weiler

    Sarah Oatney-Weiler 

    Head of Early Childhood & Lower Schools
    717-763-7811 x1320
  • Photo of Steven Preston

    Steven Preston 

    Director of Business Operations
    717-763-7811 x1317
  • Photo of Jeane Serino

    Jeane Serino 

    Director of Athletics; PYP/MYP Physical Education Teacher
    717-763-7811 x1394