• October

    Mr. Huy receives University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award!

    Harrisburg Academy is proud to announce that Mr. Huy has recently received the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award.

    "An Outstanding Educator shapes young minds in meaningful ways—thoughtfully approaching instruction, sharing an infectious love for learning, and caring for students both inside and outside of the classroom. Each year, newly admitted UChicago students have the opportunity to reflect on their time in school and nominate an educator who played a significant role in their education, made a positive impact in their lives, and whose influence has brought them to where they are today.
    The University of Chicago is honored to recognize excellence in teaching and sincerely congratulates this year’s Outstanding Educator Award winners, who are exceptional in their field and role models for all students. The University deeply appreciates the lively minds who thirst for knowledge that these educators have nurtured and inspired. We thank them for going above and beyond the call of duty every day and leaving an impression that will be carried over a lifetime."

    We are thankful for Mr. Huy's continued dedication to the Harrisburg Academy community! Congratulations!
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  • September

    Session with Kimberly Wentzel P'23, LCSW

    As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Harrisburg Academy welcomed Kimberly Wentzel P'23, LCSW to meet virtually with our seventh and eighth graders this morning. Ms. Wentzel served with the American Red Cross Volunteers in New York City during October 2001, debriefing and providing mental health resources to those impacted. Although personally affected by the loss of a loved one on 9/11, Ms. Wentzel spoke of the call she felt to help others, and the unity we experienced throughout the country. Throughout her time in New York, she assisted first responders and those looking for their missing loved ones while helping to coordinate resources with nurses for care for patients and their families.
    Originally from New Jersey, Ms. Wentzel holds a B.S. from Penn State and a M.S.W. from Smith College, where she is also pursuing her Ph.D. Her local practice, Catalyst Mental Health, provides support services throughout the Harrisburg area. We are so grateful and honored that she shared her story with our community!
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  • August

    In Loving Memory of Mrs. Lisa Haywood

    It is with deep sadness that we write today to inform you that Mrs. Lisa Haywood, a Middle School faculty member, passed away after an illness on August 14, 2021. As an exemplary, charismatic, and thoughtful educator, Mrs. Haywood has left an indelible impact on Harrisburg Academy. She was and will continue to be a beloved member of our community, and we will miss her deeply.
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  • May

    Harrisburg Academy getting ready to welcome kids for summer camp

    "'A lot of parents have kids who have missed out on some of the social activities and interacting with each other, so I am always super excited to see kids running around...and the fact that they are doing things, getting ready for summer and school next year. But also getting back into the feeling of reading books and learning,' Allan said."

    to read more on how Harrisburg Academy is ramping up its summer offerings!
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  • Caitlin H. ('21) is Recognized as "Best and Brightest" Class of 2021

    Congratulations to Harrisburg Academy Senior, Caitlin H. ('21) for being recognized as one of PennLive.com's "Best and Brightest" class of 2021!

    "For me, that bigger picture is music, a universal language and a vehicle that opens the door to dialogue... I connect and communicate with others over a shared love of music." CLICK HERE to read the full story. 
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  • April

    "Seniors Helping Seniors" Project

    While COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming more available, many still face difficulties in finding appointments. As part of the Academy’s “Seniors Helping Seniors” project, the school would like to share with the entire Academy community some ways members of our school community are working to help those in need of vaccinations. With the support of Dr. Andrea Tan and Dr. Irina Sachelarie, we have Seniors who are willing to work with individuals who would like to be vaccinated yet have been unable to find appointments, and they have already had success finding vaccination appointments for those who need them! If you know someone who needs assistance with this process, you can reach out to these seniors, niles.a@hbgacademy.org and bandi.p@hbgacademy.org. When doing so, please be sure to have the following information to help with the appointment process:
    • Full Name & Age
    • Date of Birth
    • Home Address & Email Address
    • Cell phone number
    • Insurance name and number
    • Diseases which qualify someone in 1a (especially important for those under the age of 65)
    Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Andrea Tan, the Academy can also help people with accessing a local clinic to receive vaccinations. This medical office is one of 300 official Covid-19 vaccine sites selected by the state. The office will call directly with an appointment for the vaccine which may be during the week and also includes weekend availability.  As part of this process, we are asking anyone who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine (those above the age of 65 will be given initial preference) and would be interested in being vaccinated to fill out this Google form. This information will be shared with the clinic, and the clinic will contact people directly. 
    For both of these options, we ask those in our school community to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. who are currently qualified to be vaccinated yet have not been able to make an appointment. We see this project as helping our local, regional, and state community, and we want to cast as wide a net as possible with these efforts. 
    Please email Ben Murphy at murphy.b@harrisburgacademy.org if you need further information. Thank you for supporting the health of our greater community.
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  • Good Day PA: Summer Camp & College Fair

    Harrisburg Academy continues to engage students with robust in-person Summer Camp plans, a first-of-its kind, collaborative College Fair and ongoing, forward-thinking educational opportunities! We would like to thank Good Day PA on ABC27 for sharing these exciting education options with families!

    Click here to learn more and watch our segment with Head of School, Mr. Adrian Allan. 
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  • March

    Dr. Mahone and Mrs. Hart Talk How COVID has Affected the School Experience

    Making a return appearance to The Musical Innertube is Harrisburg Academy's Dr. Abby Mahone, who, along with fellow educator and school counselor Courtney Hart, tells Don and John how students, teachers, and parents in their school are coping with COVID. Click here to listen to podcast episode!
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  • Harrisburg Academy Open Enrollment for “Summer Expeditions Day Camp”

    “After a successful year of being open for in-person instruction, Harrisburg Academy is excited to open our doors to a full summer of carefree fun, safe and engaging programming,” said Abby Mahone, Ed.D., assistant head of school and head of early childhood and the lower school. “We offer 8 weeks of full-time camp activities as well as mini-camp opportunities for middle school students..." Click here to read more.

    CLICK HERE to register today!
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  • Q&A with Dr. Abby Mahone

    The Central Penn Business Journal spoke with Assistant Head of School and Head of Early Childhood and Lower School, Dr. Abby Mahone, on what leadership means to her. "As I’ve aged and gained more professional experience, I’ve learned that we all have a unique viewpoint and multiple perspectives are critical in effective decision making." Read the full article by clicking here.
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  • Harrisburg Academy Alumnus Donates Van to Help Family of Six

    "'It’s not enough to simply learn in the classroom setting but it’s how you make a tangible difference,' [Adrian Allan] said. 'It’s imperative that we immerse our students in a culture of caring and perhaps even more important – doing.'"
    CLICK HERE to read how our Academy community came together to make a difference in one women's life. 
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  • February

    Harrisburg Academy Alumni, Students, Staff Team Up to Donate Van to Steelton Single Mother of 5

    Harrisburg Academy Alum Steve Muschlitz (Class of ’82), fellow Academy alumni, administrators, staff, faculty, students, parents and community members will gather at the school on Erford Road in Wormleysburg this Saturday at 11 a.m. to present a used van and other surprises to a Steelton, Pennsylvania single mother of five in need of immediate transportation for work. READ MORE. 
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  • Mr. Gamon honored for innovation during pandemic: CBS 21 Proudly PA Segment

    "Gamon created a game called Novice to Ninjas that included these dioramas along with a website and even videos that could only be unlocked by students passing certain musical lessons. The response from his young students has been overwhelming. 'He made all of these scenes and characters for us to play songs with. The first one it was called the wizard rock and there was this big tower and we had to play on our violins to get to the top,' said 3rd Grade student at Harrisburg Academy, Fox Slocum..." WATCH THE VIDEO. 
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  • Yamaha Recognizes Mr. Michael Gamon- Official Press Release

    "Yamaha today announced that it has named Michael Gamon as an honoree of the newly launched 40 Under 40 music education advocacy program. Gamon, fine and performing arts chair and director of the Center for Creative Arts at Harrisburg Academy in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, joins 39 other innovative, creative and impactful music educators under the age of 40 who exemplify the highest level of music education in the United States." READ MORE. 
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  • Community Service at Harrisburg Academy Radio Interview

    Catch Head of School, Adrian Allan on “Insights” with Sylvia Maus on to learn how we integrate valuable lifelong skills into our IB curriculum starting in Kindergarten. LISTEN HERE. 
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  • Liliana H. ('26) Wins American Freedom Essay Contest

    Congratulations to Academy Middle School student, Liliana H. ('26) who has won 1st place in the 2020 American Freedom Essay Contest in the Middle School category!

    The competition honors Constitution Day by challenging educators to have their students write an essay on the importance of freedom in their lives. The winners in each category earn a free field trip for their class to Philadelphia! Click here to read our full press release
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  • January

    Music Teacher Mr. Gamon Recognized by Yamaha Music

    "When Michael Gamon began at the academy in 2012, he wanted to grow the already strong music program. He pushed to make strings an integral part of the academy’s music program, and violin became a required course for elementary school students. Realizing that some students simply weren’t interested in playing the violin, Gamon came up with an incredibly innovative and thoroughly modern way to engage all of his students — he created a role-playing game similar to Dungeons and Dragons!" READ MORE. 
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  • Feeney L. ('21) and Connor J. ('22) Recognized in Poetry Competition

    Congratulations to Academy students Feeney L. ('21) and Connor J. ('22) for their recognition and awards from the International Poetry and Storytelling Festival and competition hosted by the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg! The theme this year was Voices of Conscience. Feeney earned third place and Connor earned second place. Their work will be published in the WACH Poetry Journal.
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  • Dr. Mahone Talks Stress & Anxiety in Children

    “Stress in kids can come out in ways that it doesn’t in adults,” said Abby Mahone, Harrisburg Academy’s assistant head of school. “It can come out by extreme emotions, anger. It can come out in the struggling with emotional regulation...” Read more on Dr. Abby Mahone’s interview with the Burg Magazine by clicking here
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