As a testament to their belief in Harrisburg Academy's mission, many members of our faculty, staff, and administration pledge a monthly donation to the Academy Fund through a payroll deduction program. Their belief in our International Baccalaureate Program and the lasting impact an Academy education makes on our students is evident by their financial gifts. We are grateful for their generosity and for their exceptional work in guiding tomorrow's leaders to reach their full potential!


2023-24 Faculty and Staff Donors to the Academy Fund

Mr. Adrian Allan
Dr. David Babb
Ms. Sarah Ballard
Mr. Jacob Baughman
Mr. David Bechtel
Ms. Melissa Behm
Mr. Robert Bell
Ms. Lindsay Bowman
Mr. Matthew Brunner
Mrs. Christine Catherman
Mr. Jeff Copus
Ms. Ashley Crist
Mrs. Robyn Cutchall
Mrs. Alexandra Daniel
Miss Sara Davis
Ms. Susan Dietterick
Mrs. Randi DiLella
Mrs. Alisha Dufour
Mrs. Catherine Errington
Mrs. Carolyn Estill-Shover '92
Mr. Peter Frengel
Mr. Michael Gamon
Mrs. Mary Garton
Mrs. Leyla Goldfinger
Mrs. Loren Gordon
Mr. James Harding
Mrs. Courtney Hart
Ms. Ebony Hodges

Mr. Richard Huy
Mrs. Valerie Jessee
Mrs. Christine Kerr
Mr. John Martin Jr.
Mrs. Siena McLees
Mr. Doug Nestor
Mrs. Christine Noll
Dr. Sarah Oatney-Weiler
Ms. Amy O'Hare
Mr. Michael Ortman
Ms. Tina Phillips
Mrs. Maria Garay-Pinzon
Mrs. Deborah Potter
Mr. Steve Preston
Mrs. Gretchen Qualls
Mrs. Elizabeth Remm
Mrs. Kelly Rinehart
Mrs. Kelly Seely
Ms. Jeane Serino
Mrs. Lakshmi Shrikantia
Mr. Jeremy Smith
Ms. Maureen Smith
Mrs. Annette Spahr
Mrs. Alison Spink
Miss Paige Sterner
Mr. Jeffrey Stouffer
Ms. Monica Velasco
Mrs. Karen Weber
Mr. Richard Whitehead