Redirect a portion of your anticipated State tax requirements to Harrisburg Academy instead of paying taxes to the State of Pennsylvania. Read below to find out more! 

Submit a Joinder form to a scholarship organization that partners with Harrisburg Academy, one being Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund (CPSF). You designate a portion of your anticipated 2023 State tax requirement to the Academy and write a check to include that amount. Then, when tax season rolls around in the spring, you receive a tax credit for up to 90% of your contribution, and Harrisburg Academy receives the full amount of your donation, which is specifically applied to scholarship opportunities for eligible students.

By redirecting your tax dollars to Harrisburg Academy, not only are you making an outstanding Harrisburg Academy education affordable to families, but also you are growing your contributions to the Academy.

Please contact Siena McLees with inquiries @ or 717. 763.7811 x 1326.

How to Get Started

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