Development of the Whole Child

Harrisburg Academy’s academic curriculum encourages the arts, languages, and physical activity rather than cutting programs sometimes viewed as “expendable” because they don’t readily support standardized test score results. Our students learn about and live in a diverse community with an eye towards what it means to be a responsible global and local citizen. Our students score higher on standardized tests, even though no class time is allotted to “teaching to the test” or test preparation.  We also offer many options at school such as music lessons, sports, clubs, and social activities to further the education and development of the "whole" child.


The Academy’s athletics program is an essential part of its students’ education. Athletics foster the development of character, lifetime wellness skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and a sense of fairness and respect.  

College Counseling

As a college preparatory school, Harrisburg Academy is well known for devoting extensive resources to its Upper School students for their college preparation, selection, and application process. And the process is incredibly personal. 

After-School Programs

A range of fee-based enrichment courses for current students from age 3–Grade 8 are available in the fall and spring. Choose from arts and music classes, innovation and coding or get a headstart on homework with support and guidance from faculty.