At Harrisburg Academy, we view education as an amazing journey of self-discovery and challenges not only met, but surpassed.

Our students, preschool through high school, are well-rounded scholars and artists, talented athletes and musicians, and globally minded philanthropists. They all benefit from the advantages of a small learning community each and every day, and the advantages are many.

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  • From Dynamic Classroom Experiences...

    including a curriculum that addresses student interest and skill within small classes and is not bound to teach to the test, hands-on, student-driven learning opportunities through the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation, and personal college counseling starting in Middle School;
  • To Strong Learning Outcomes...

    including higher test scores than other area students, the IB Diploma learning experience and its merit for students in 12th grade and in college, and a lasting connection to a community of successful industry leaders and alumni;
  • To the Strength of Character...

    our preschool through high school students build through being a part of a school committed to personal integrity, an Academy education is truly something more and something different.

A Strong, College Preparatory

Currently, our student body draws from 27 school districts and six counties in the midstate, representing families of all socioeconomic, racial, religious, and geographic backgrounds. With a strong, college preparatory-focused liberal arts program, we provide a rigorous core curriculum of English language arts, science, math, world languages, performing arts, and technology; we also incorporate 21st century learning strategies and innovation into our students' experience. Our institution may be over 235 years old, but we operate as a forward-thinking school of the future.

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