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A Message from our Head of School, Mr. Adrian Allan

Adrian Allan

Dear families,

Welcome to Harrisburg Academy. We are excited to partner with you in educating your children. The Academy is a proud member of the International Baccalaureate family of over 6,000 schools.


Harrisburg Academy’s philosophy of education is rooted in the belief that new learning must build upon prior knowledge. Making connections to previous experiences assists students in understanding and retention, and it is essential to fit new learning into each student’s existing mental framework, or schema. This happens when our classroom teachers encourage students to begin the learning process by asking questions.


The Academy is dedicated to creating a program that motivates its students to develop an individualized pathway to understanding the world. This is achieved by providing authentic tasks in which students solve real-life problems. Academy classrooms use an inquiry-based model that promotes collaborative learning experiences to prepare students for successful careers in college and beyond. Students also learn how to express ideas and opinions, consider alternative points of view, and become risk-takers who develop creative ideas. Our graduates are bold learners who are curious, able to learn autonomously, believe in using what they know to take action, and possess a life-long love of learning.


Academy students develop social and emotional skills, often referred to as EQ, to help them relate successfully with others. This empowers students to become independent and effective contributors to their school community and to communities outside of the school’s campus.


The Academy places great value on its community members exhibiting Responsibility, Respect, and Compassion. By fostering these character traits, our students are taught how to engage in and plan effectively service projects. Through these projects, students develop the ability to become active, compassionate, and empathetic members of the global community. They also acquire the skills associated with organizing projects for themselves.


Administrators and teachers everywhere recognize the important contributions parents make towards a child’s success in school. Parents are the single most important variable in a child’s schooling as they model good habits and behavior for their children every day. For this reason, one of the most important components of a good school is the partnership between it and the parents. At Harrisburg Academy, we provide a wide variety of opportunities for parents to engage in their child’s education.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy so that we can work as a true team to propel your child forward to a bright new future.


Join us in educating the next generation who will strive to make the world a better place for all.


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Adrian Allan

Head of School








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