MS-US Musical Auditions--"School of Rock"

Location: HA - Auditorium - Aud
This year's MS/US Musical is "School of Rock!," the Broadway hit based upon the 2003 film starring Jack Black!  You might not know it, but "School of Rock" is a restricted license, and Harrisburg Academy was able to secure special permission to perform it this year before the National Tour takes off!!
Mark your calendars, Auditions are on September 17, 3-4:30pm in McCormick auditorium.  
For the audition you need to download the music and reference recordings available from Mr. Gamon.  Please prepare to sing ONE (1)  of the selections for the audition, based upon which sounds best for your voice.  
In order to audition, you need to register by filling out this form:
We understand that there is a conflict with athletics, once you have filled out the form, we will contact you directly to schedule a different audition time.
Please note that our aim as a school is to help you put on the most incredible show that you can.  As performers ourselves, we have the highest respect for stepping up and auditioning.  We admire your courage and risk-taking