Parents Association - The Heart of the Academy Community

Harrisburg Academy's Parents Association leadership organizes several efforts for parents and guardians to socialize and celebrate the spirit of the Academy community -- from community building and enrichment events to workshops, fundraising, and community outreach programs, we do it all!
The Harrisburg Academy Parents' Association (HAPA) is a vital partner in the school community, and every parent with a child at the Academy is automatically a member. The group's mission is to support the educational goals of the school, facilitate communication between families and staff, and provide an inviting and warm social environment for all members of the community. It also underwrites various school events and gives "gifts" to the school from monies the group has raised. 
There are countless ways current families can connect to our school community through engaging with HAPA! Be sure to visit the HAPA MyHA resource board to learn more about what we are doing to build community, enrich the lives of our students though family programming, and raise money to support our students and faculty. Our students benefit directly from the ways in which you give, whether they be time, talent or treasure, and we are grateful for your partnership!
Bravo, Harrisburg Academy! Clearly, school administrators used their summer productively.  Very impressed with the orderly, safe drop-off procedure. Every school official was committed to the process and their role.  So smooth. All our little girl cared about was how much fun she was going to have. I felt really good that our little girl was going to be cared for.  Good luck this year and thank you for working so hard to make this school year work given the circumstances.

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