Our focus is each individual child.

In every division from Early Childhood through Upper School, we seek to know each child — his or her motivations, passions, and aspirations. To that end, our focus has to be, and is, on the “whole child” and his or her academic, emotional, and social development. By understanding who each child is, we are best able to attune our instruction to help each child become more analytical, creative and innovative, and most importantly, to think critically.

The highly regarded and successful mentoring of Upper School high school students by our faculty extends this kind of attention in a most age-appropriate manner. Our methods, as well as our school mission, are directed at this one philosophical tenet which guides Academy policies in every area. Be sure to read our Community Compact, as well, which serves as a three-way mutual agreement -- between teachers, students, and parents -- to uphold the guiding principles of our school.