With deepest gratitude, Harrisburg Academy is proud to present this year's donors to the Academy Fund.
Your continued generosity allows us to continue our reputation of known excellence as we create
unparalleled opportunities for each of our students.

Mrs. Marilynn Abrams and Mr. Richard Abrams
Dr. Robert Alexander, PhD '89
Estate of Mildred J. Allen
Mr. Scott Appel and Mrs. Hannan Appel
Ballantine Family Charitable Fund
Mr. Terry Barber
Ivin S. and Virginia D. Bear Fund
Mrs. Joellen Becker '04 and Mr. Christopher Becker
Ms. Lindsay Bowman 
Ms. Susan Bruce and Mr. Neil Fitch
Ms. Christine Cashel '68
Mr. Eric Clark '03 and Mrs. Nadia Clark
Mrs. Lindsay Davis and Mr. John Davis

Mrs. Sharon DePamphilis and Mr. Philip DePamphilis
Col William Dodson III, MD, USAF, Ret. '73 and
Maj Gen Maria Falca-Dodson, USAF, Ret.
Mrs. Ann Ebersbach '65 and Mr. Thomas Ebersbach
Mr. Albert Farr '05
Mr. Mark Foster
Mr. Tilman Foust '64
Dr. Rongrong Ge and Mr. Weidong Huang

Mr. Matthew Grandon '08
Mr. Aaron Gross and Mrs. Anne Gross
Mrs. Erin McCorkle Harcourt '90
The Horner Foundation
Dr. Marcus Keep and Dr. Jenny Karlsson
Mrs. Mary Lundeen
Mr. Charles Mackin and Mrs. Deborah Mackin
Mr. Pete McCorkle '87 and Mrs. Diane McCorkle
Mr. Spencer Nauman Jr. '51 and Mrs. Helen Nauman
​Mr. William Paul '05
Mr. Thomas Polliard '82
Mrs. Teri Rooney '92 and Mr. Shane Rooney
Mrs. Diane Sand
Mr. William Shakely and Mrs. Heidi Shakely
Mr. Alex Smith '02
Mr. Frank Sourbeer Jr., '04 and Mrs. Morgan Sourbeer
Ms. Alexandra St. John '04
Mrs. Bonnie Stevenson and Mr. Richard Stevenson
Ms. Melissa Swauger and Mr. Keith Kretchman
Mr. William Wert and Mrs. Yijin Wert
Dr. Kathryn Zerbe '69